Wetsuit care: EXIT brand’s unique take on watersports accessories.

Wetsuit care is a big talking point. Not only does looking after your wetsuit properly impact the cost of watersports accessories. It’s also about sustainability keeping petrochemical materials out of landfill. Thereby being kinder to the planet. Enter Irish brand EXIT and their unique and innovative take on wetsuit care and watersports accessories.

The EXIT XRail wetsuit hanger.

Wetsuit hangers are abundant in terms of choice. There are a lot about. The EXIT Xrail, however, sticks out with its attention grabbing design. Looking akin to a surfboard in shape (in fact, this is purposefully done) the XRail has been created with efficient ventilation in mind.

The EXIT Xrail wetsuit hanger and SUX.

Not only this the XRail is able to be used in multiple locations. Especially if you combine with EXIT’s SUX suction up rail. The SUX uses suction cup technology to allow affixing on most smooth surfaces. The cantilevered XRail then sits on the metal upright to deliver a wetsuit drying product to be used indoors and out.

What else do EXIT have?

There are other products in the EXIT range of technical watersports gear. Another stand out bit of kit is the BUX wetsuit bucket. Yet again, EXIT head honcho and design guru Kieran Sammon has paid particular attention to what a wetsuit bucket is and how to improve it.

The BUX wetsuit change bucket is oversized and one of the few that can be stood in. It has a raised foam base with drainage holes to ensure comfort. But what’s really cool is the BUX’s height is designed to shield the bottom half of user’s legs when wearing a change robe. In conjunction with a robe, the user is completely blocked from the elements when getting changed at the beach. The BUX can then be used to cart wet gear back to base.

Two BUX!

More good stuff on the way.

When we spoke to EXIT’s Kieran he told us about a bunch of new products in the pipeline. He was also keen to highlight that EXIT is more than just a wetsuit care brand. There are much bigger aspirations for the company.

And being a keen kitesurfer, kite foiler, wing foiler, paddle boarder and surfer Kieran is no doubt in a prime position to understand the wants and needs of watersports riders. Watch this space for more EXIT watersports goodness coming soon!

Windsurfing UK review.

Here at Windsurfing UK we were intrigued by the EXIT XRail, SUX and BUX. This prompted us to contact Kieran to sort out a review of the gear in question. As such we’re currently using EXIT products in a variety of ways to get a feel for the kit.

Stay tuned for the EXIT wetsuit care product review coming soon. In the meantime, why not check out the full range of EXIT watersports accessories over on the EXIT website here.

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