Big/beautiful – Witchcraft Karma 5.9m windsurf sail test

Words: WSUK

Pics; James Jagger

This is the biggest sail from Witchcraft we’ve tested to date, as well as being third from the top in terms largest across the whole range. Only a 6.2m and 6.5m remain if you need something bigger. Displaying the same traits across the whole range the 5.9m is built to withstand a lifetime of harsh abuse in Canarian windsurf environments. How does this translate to the UK? Easy! It means it won’t let you down on these shores…

Rigging in the same fashion as previous Karma sails we’ve tested it likes a little less downhaul than you’d think for a five batten sail. The bottom end is impressive and we guarantee you’ll be on smaller sizes while other riders will be using bigger. The Karma is pretty grunty, with similar traits to what you’d find on lower aspect four batten sails for instance. So for anyone looking to punch onto the plane quickly (all of us then), in the least amount of wind possible, and/or have enough drive to see you over white water without issue, yet looking for balance in your rig, then perhaps a WC Karma is the way to go.


Talking balance again and it’s noticeable just how composed the 5.9m is. Once you go beyond certain sizes of sails swing weight increases, simply from having more sail cloth area.  And while there’s no getting away from this WC’s 5.9’s delivers a very well mannered feel and is easily throw about if you need it to be.

Setting up for jumps, for instance, there’s plenty of boost to get you into the air, while through rotations that easy feel will be welcome by loopers or riders who throw down manoeuvres such as takas and the like. And of course, for float and ride, pure wave sailing scenarios, there’s plenty of oomph to get windsurfers out to the peak and in the right spot for take offs.

The 5.9m has also found favour with us here at WSUK HQ for windfoiling adventures. That low end power pops riders onto foil early whilst the sail’s balance and poise give confidence during straight line flight as well as round foiling gybes.


For a 5.9m Witchcraft’s Karama is a tough cookie that displays many handling traits of something more akin to a 5.3m. Easy to power your sled up with yet being agile enough for the most proactive of wave sailors it’s a light wind weapon that many will find favour with. Then there’s the sail’s crossover performance that’ll suit freeriders and windfoilers alike. If you haven’t looked at five batten sails for a while then this could be worth scoping out.


770 Euro



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