Wave sailing sucks! (Or the merits of alternative windsurfing kit).
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Wave sailing sucks! (Or: the merits of alternative windsurfing kit).

Words: Tez Plavenieks Pics: Tez Plavenieks, James Jagger. That title probably grabbed your attention! Read on to find out if the sentiment rings true as Tez Plavenieks talks about increasing your chances of scoring fulfilling windy sessions. Before we get stuck into this let’s just set the record straight: wave sailing doesn’t suck! But it’s a bloody frustrating part of […]

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Dave Ludgate (aka Subowti) joins NCW’s Tahe Techno/Nautix Windsurfing freeride windsurf team.

You probably won’t know Cork based Dave Ludgate. He’s not a pro windsurfer and doesn’t charge huge Pe’ahi in Maui. He’s not a radical windfoil sailor and isn’t about to break the 60 knot speed barrier. But. He’s a super enthusiastic freerider and environemntally conscious sailor epitomising exactly what real world windsurfers are all about. Which is why NCW have […]

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Two of a kind – Exocet EVO freerace & NOE freeride windfoil comparison test 2019

Words: WSUK Pics: WSUK, Nick Kingston As foils continue to evolve it’s hard to sift through the hype to determine exactly what they need. And just because something is labelled or described in such a way doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for you. Aspirations, skill and sailor style all have to be taken into account. Getting the opportunity to pit […]

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The dualist – XO Sails Fly 7.8m windsurf sail test

Pics: Nick Kingston, James Jagger XO Sails’ Fly 7.8m is new from the French brand and aimed at covering both windfoiling and slalom. Now, as we all know, this isn’t a new concept, and actually sails in this vein have been tested by Windsurfing UK before… XO’s Fly 7.8m is triple cam affair that sheaths fairly easily. It requires a […]

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Good to go! – Unifiber Maverick 6.5m windsurf sail test

Words: WSUK Pics: Nick Kingston For many Unifiber maybe be a familiar brand when talking things like windsurfing accessories – masts, booms and harnesses lines for instance. It may therefore come as a surprise that the Netherlands company has branched out and is now producing windsurf sails. Their Maverick line is aimed at improving sailors with their 7.3m and 6.5m, […]

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Keep it simple… – XO Sails EOL 7m windsurf sail test

Words & pics: WSUK As a Windsurfing UK first we weren’t sure what to expect with XO Sails’ EOL 7m. The windsurfing sail arm of French watersports brand Exocet, their EOL range are billed as tools for flat water and freeride. It was therefore with high anticipation we unfurled the 7m version. Firstly, we have to say the EOL’s ‘in […]

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Burn ‘n’ turn – JP Australia Super Ride 124 FWS 2019 windsurf board test

Words & pics: WSUK New for 2019 is JP Australia’s Super Ride range of windy sleds that sits in between the popular Super Sport and Magic Ride lines. In this instance we’re looking at the full wood sandwich edition 124L, which is also foil ready for those that want. There’s no mistaking JP’s distinct looking products, and the Super Ride […]

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Big/beautiful – Witchcraft Karma 5.9m windsurf sail test

Words: WSUK Pics; James Jagger This is the biggest sail from Witchcraft we’ve tested to date, as well as being third from the top in terms largest across the whole range. Only a 6.2m and 6.5m remain if you need something bigger. Displaying the same traits across the whole range the 5.9m is built to withstand a lifetime of harsh […]

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S – Sotovento, Fuerteventura: long time speed sailing venue, PWA event site and reliably windy holiday spot

Fuerteventura’s south facing Sotovento is a world famous speed windsurfing location and host of the PWA’s freestyle and slalom events that roll in to town during summer. Firmly on the map as a bona fide windy location the Sahara like landscape had little more than a bar and a few apartments 20 years ago. But once windsurfers started clocking serious […]