Burn ‘n’ turn – JP Australia Super Ride 124 FWS 2019 windsurf board test

Words & pics: WSUK

New for 2019 is JP Australia’s Super Ride range of windy sleds that sits in between the popular Super Sport and Magic Ride lines. In this instance we’re looking at the full wood sandwich edition 124L, which is also foil ready for those that want.

There’s no mistaking JP’s distinct looking products, and the Super Ride is no exception. It’s a polished bit of kit that any sailor would be glad to own. And in full wood sandwich mode it’s a little less delicate and not quite as prone to knocks as the brand’s more high end constructions.

Out of the starting gates it was full chat with the board powering up easily and planing almost from standstill. This was even in the face of some pretty gusty conditions. Once in the footstraps it became quickly noticeable just how high the Super Ride planes off the tail. And in fact having checked back later the pics confirmed this. Flying from the fin, the board’s nose hovers just above the water’s surface thereby avoiding all that nasty chop and flotsam. What results is an engaging ride that feels fast yet comfortable, helped by the SR’s domed deck.

Straight lines were definitely all smiles but we did wonder about round corners due to it being so rapid. We needn’t have worried, however, as the rails bite upon engaging yet the Super Ride’s design helps cushion transitions making it a good choice for anyone learning to gybe. It’s another board that bucks the short and stubby design trend with the board’s length aiding those planing exits.

As JP say themselves, when you have equipment that’s easy to use you tend to get the most out of it without actually having to concentrate and try. That’s certainly the case with JP’s Super Ride 124L. You can almost use the board on autopilot and still achieve similar levels of straight line performance to that of racier machines.

And as far as bump and jump goes? You can certainly get a little daylight between the board and water, although this isn’t quite what the Super Ride likes. Instead it’s a proper burn and turn sled that loves chewing up the opposition.


JP’s Super Ride 124L displays many slalom esque traits, albeit in easy access mode, that many sailors will fall for. Rapid from the get go it’s a high riding machine that flies from the tail and keeps clear of chop and flotsam as you boost along straight lines. As a transitional piece of kit it carves eloquently and will help with planing gybe exits no end. For anyone looking towards easy access burn and turn blasting this may light your fire.





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