Family fun – JP Australia Magic Ride 154 Family ES 2018 windsurfing board test

What do you want from a windsurfing board these days? Ease of use, performance and versatility are some terms which spring to mind – especially the last word. With recreational time being at a premium most punters want as much bang for their buck as possible. Even more so if you have a family of budding windsurfers in the mix.

JP’s Magic Ride 154 Family fits the bill for many different requirements. An early planing freeride board, light wind cruiser and perfect platform for teaching your offspring it’s definitely a mutli-faceted platform.

For this test our three year old reviewer was the main pilot on most occasions. Being so young and new to the sport is a good gauge of whether something works or not. First off she liked the fact that two thirds of the MR Family is soft and padded. This makes clambering on and off easy on the knees. It was also noted just how stable the board is. Floating about in marginal conditions was easily achievable for both Molly and us as parents. If mum and dad fancy a spot of light wind freestyle then no probs as it’s a platform that’ll readily accommodate – even for heavy weights.

Multiple footstrap fixing points allow efficient progression for riders wanting to get into the realms of planing. It was also a nice trait for Molly who could practice getting her feet sorted and therefore increasing her muscle memory for later down the line. If you’re aiming for your wee ones to achieve the same then it’s worth positioning the rig right back in its track to make everything more doable for tiny arms.

When the wind picks up it’s time to get stuck in to some early planing shenanigans. Rising up to full speed mode effortlessly the Magic Ride 154 Family reaches a decent top speed. Pinching close hauled is simple when pushing against the 52cm fin whilst burning back down breeze is fun and fulfilling. The MR 154 is also a great tutor for riders looking to learn those (sometimes) elusive carve gybes. Very forgiving of less polished technique it helps build confidence through transitions and achieve that desired end goal.


All in JP Australia’s Magic Ride 154 Family is a super versatile sled that all family members will find favour with. From messing about in light winds to fully lit up planing performance cruising or blasting about are both enjoyable. If you have anyone learning to windsurf – young or old – then it’s a great beginner board for lighter weight riders or progression platform for those having already dialled in windsurfing’s fundamentals. Our daughter loved it and asked if we could have one – now there’s an endorsement!

Price: £1299


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