G – Goita: new school wave sailing manoeuvre

The goita, which crossed over from waves to flat water via the ponch (invented by Maui based Kevin Ponchitera), is a new school wave move that sees riders hit the lip before throwing the sail to windward and towards the tail. This causes the rider and board to rotate over the rig in 360 fashion and ideally land back on the wave.

Goitas were originally performed in side offshore winds, with down the line wave sailing conditions, as it was thought easier this way. Of late, however, onshore wave venues like Pozo, Gran Canaria, and Cabezo, Tenerife, are were you’ll also see the goita being thrown by riders who lean towards the newer school of wave riding.

Whilst not as tricky on a wave, the flat water ponch is harder but was quickly adopted by the freestyle crowd. This has since formed the foundation for other power freestyle combo moves.

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