Good to go! – Unifiber Maverick 6.5m windsurf sail test

Words: WSUK

Pics: Nick Kingston

For many Unifiber maybe be a familiar brand when talking things like windsurfing accessories – masts, booms and harnesses lines for instance. It may therefore come as a surprise that the Netherlands company has branched out and is now producing windsurf sails. Their Maverick line is aimed at improving sailors with their 7.3m and 6.5m, tested here, being more geared towards performance freeride and blasting. We also tried it in foil mode (how could we not?).

First off you notice the Maverick’s good looks. It’s very shiny with coloured accents giving it a sophisticated aesthetic. Pulley’s and eyelets are all solid whilst the ample monofilm is up to the job. It’s also pretty light for a 6.5m.

Rigging easily the 6.5m isn’t especially sensitive to tuning and as such offers a plug ‘n’ play set up that’ll get riders on the water pronto. If you want to fiddle there’s a decent amount of range to faff with. We found, however, it set best on medium downhaul tension with outhaul being the fine tuning mechanism.

There’s a full power belly that’ll fill with enough breeze to punch even the most stubborn of board onto the plane. Sailors still consolidating their technique will have no trouble ‘getting going’ whilst advanced windsurfers can use this power when faced with marginal conditions. In fact, this was put to the test in windfoil mode when we were faced with a gusty 10 knots. We were still able to fly without issue and keep on through lighter patches around 8 knots.

Blasting along is a typically locked in affair with the 6.5m able to breathe efficiently when gusts hit yet hold its shape well when the wind lulls. Through gybing transitions the Maverick rotates in a soft yet dependable manner. It’s not a hard ‘pop’, instead allowing riders to dial in their technique and not be yanked off balance. Such is the easy going nature through moves it’s also good for a bit of carving/sail flicking freestyle like downwind/upwind 360s that’ll keep seasoned windsurfers happy.


Unifiber’s Maverick 6.5m is an easy sail to set up, use and get to grips with. It doesn’t require masses of attention during rigging, instead helping advancing sailors get to the water, and on it, quick smart. Once afloat it delivers a dependable, fun experience that many will find favour with. Decent light wind performance, combined with agility, makes it a pleasant toy to play with. Those looking to foil will also find it suits this discipline well. Note: A Unifiber C40 SDM mast was supplied for the test which at £199 makes for a super cost effective rig package.




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All Unifiber sails tested in UK/Germany are available for customer demo or purchase via 4Boards.


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