Inflatable windsurfing kit – perfect for kids learning and progressing.

Inflatable windsurfing kit - perfect for kids learning and progressing.

Inflatable windsurfing equipment technology is a direct result of the stand up paddle boarding and the popularity of air boards. Blow up equipment is now prevalent in most watersport disciplines. Having inflatable gear makes it much lighter an easier to use than usual component parts – especially where young children are concerned.

With inflatable windsurfing equipment, young kids can learn those fundamental skills without struggling. There’s also less risk of them bashing themselves on hard bits.

Light wind kiddy windsurfing freestyle.

We’ve spent considerable time with the McConks Go Free inflatable windSUP board and Go Sail inflatable 1.5m windsurf sail. It’s proved a great combo for our 5 year old getting to grips with windsurfing. He’s been sailing for a few years now and loves being able to throw the lightweight McConks Go Sail rig around with confidence. And all experienced windsurfers know light wind flick flack is a great way to develop windsurfing muscle memory. Of course, there’s then the dual option of paddling a windSUP board as well, giving even more versatility.

Cool dude kiddy windsurfing.

It should also be noted that an inflatable windsurf rig and board are also great for families with limited transport and/or storage. Packing down with ease the Go Sail 1.5m and Go Free 9’8 take up little space once deflated. So much so that we’ve enjoyed a few road trips with the kit which has allowed even more toys to be taken.

You can check out the Windsurfing UK review of the McConks Go Sail 1.5m here.

Then head over to where you’ll find even more Go Sail product info. Big thanks to the brand for providing the demo equipment.

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