K – Kos, Kefalos, Greece: popular windsurfing holiday hotspot

Situated 15k to the west of Kos’ main airport Kefalos is the quintessential Greek windsurfing destination. Featuring azure coloured water, with cross offshore Meltemi winds and flanked by hilly olive groves and traditional architecture (mixed with modern) it’s a spot that screams summer windsurf holiday resort. It’s also famous for being the birthplace of Hippocrates, who is noted as being the father of medicine.

As is usually the case with Greek windsurfing spots it features a steadily increasing thermal wind that reaches its peak during the afternoon – most consistent through high season months. Rolling swell out back and flat water, perfect for slalom, freestyle and freeride are what you’ll find conditions wise. Mornings are better for beginners. The wind in the north of the island is much cleaner than in the south.

Kos is also noted as being good value for money (as of 2019).

Pics: Kefalos Windsurf Centre




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