M – Moreno twins: two ladies who dominate competitive female windsurfing

Iballa and Daida Moreno are two fiercely competitive twins hailing from the sunny Canary Island swho have dominated women’s windsurfing over the years. Both are extremely skilful in a variety of disciplines including wave sailing, freestyle and stand up paddle surfing.

With the consistent Trade Winds of the Canaries, plus the proving grounds of Pozo on their doorstep, where inspiration from many world class sailors is on tap, it’s no wonder the Moreno’s prove to be such formidable opposition during any heat and competition. Having most of the big scoring moves on lock ensures they not only dominate women’s windsurf competition but also give the men a run for their money as well. In fact, they both pushed to be included in PWA men’s wave competitions and regularly stand up for women’s rights within windsurfing.

Iballa and Daida are also the driving force behind Pozo’s Wind and wave Festival which is when the PWA circus rolls into town.



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