My generation – vintage to modern windsurfing, the return (by popular demand)

Words and pic: Russell Groves

After publishing the following feature online – My generation – vintage to modern windsurfing – we received a number comments asking for Malcolm Crocker’s thoughts on the Fanatic Gecko 156+L featured in the article. Ever happy to oblige we sent author and windsurfing oracle Russell Groves to hunt Malcolm down and find out what he thinks of this modern kit. 

‘During this session wind was 10 to 15 mph NE. The breeze was just right and my grandson joined me for his third go on the water with Windsurfing Club Las Cucharas. The water was flat inshore but a bit wavy outside the harbour. I enjoyed the best sail I’ve had for ages – partly down to the company! It’s been three months since my first ride of the Fanatic Gecko so I had forgotten the quirks of the board. I can’t sit on the stern – it’s too wide! There’s no probs with getting going, though, it’s easy to sail but I have to get used to the rig when heading into the waves/chop. If not perfectly balanced I do tend to drop it. Also it’s easy to kick up the dagger board by mistake which can be annoying. Turning is much simpler than larger beginner boards and it feels more lively. I don’t try a downwind turn unless I feel confident but the one I did go for went well as the Gecko is so forgiving during manoeuvres. Best of all it’s easy to sort out and untangle if I do crash. The bow just pushes under the sail for a quick restart. This makes falling in no problem and I stayed out ages longer than usual on this occasion. It’s a great board and rig combo and I’m certainly having fun on it!’


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