Premium usability – Loftsails Oxygen 6.8m HD 2019 windsurf sail test

Words: WSUK

Pics: James Jagger

This is the second Loftsails Oxygen sail we’ve gotten out mitts on – courtesy of Bob and Stu at 4Boards. Back in 2018 the 7.3m we tested was a firm favourite, for both standard windsurfing and windfoiling. Offering two faces of tunability its range was broad and usability vast. Note: we used a variety of different bend curve masts for testing to determine performance across a whole host of scenarios.

Coming with all the usual features of previous –  such as tubed battens, double clew eyelets for differing wind strengths and the easy sheath/rig luff pocket – Loftsails’ 6.8m Oxygen is a premium freeride sail that looks the biz and wins all over who use it.

We tested the Oxygen with both SDM and RDM masts, as it’s a design that can cope when rigged on either. With an RDM inserted the sail’s feel is somewhat softened, even though you still have the same tuning range as before. Sitting with an SDM up its sleeve feels more locked in and direct. It was actually preferred rigged on an RDM and we found it could really be loaded up to get maximum freeride style performance from. During testing it was pitted against a number of dedicated slalom rigs but the Oxygen 6.8m HD more than held its own yet retained a throw about nature (relative to its size) that makes it more mass appeal than cammed sails.

Round corners is smooth with a dependable rotation. If you fancy taking to the air and getting some hang time it boosts with ease yet absorbs hard landings without question. For anybody wanting to use it for windfoiling then as a light air weapon simply bag the belly out and take off in sub-10 knots (technique allowing). Once at altitude the 6.8m remains balanced and composed.


Monty Spindler’s Loftsails brand still hasn’t quite got the following it should have in the UK. Yet there’s no question, with quality windsurfing products like the Oxygen 6.8m HD, it should have. Many windsurfers want slalom like performance from their sails in this size bracket yet don’t want the faff of cams. With the 6.8m Oxygen you don’t need them. Simply rig up and go, easily keeping pace with more supposed dedicated machines. Keep a full profile for light wind sailing, with serious bottom end grunt, or flatten off for a more manoeuvrable feeling sail that loves a bunt about in chop or even small swell. And for anyone into the art of flying above the water Loftsails’ 2019 Oxygen 6.8m HD is more than capable of handling the foiling genre.


£639 (HD)


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All Loftsails that are tested in UK/Germany are available for customer demo or purchase via 4Boards.


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