Windsurfing UK Kit Tests

Premium usability – Loftsails Oxygen 6.8m HD 2019 windsurf sail test

Words: WSUK Pics: James Jagger This is the second Loftsails Oxygen sail we’ve gotten out mitts on – courtesy of Bob and Stu at 4Boards. Back in 2018 the 7.3m we tested was a firm favourite, for both standard windsurfing and windfoiling. Offering two faces of tunability its range was broad and usability vast. Note: we used a variety of […]

Windsurfing UK Kit Tests

Progressive performer – Loftsails Oxygen 7.3m HD 2018 sail test

Pics: James Jagger Having used a number of Monty Spindler’s windsurf sail designs there’s a glaringly obvious trait running through all. Every design has two faces – the Oxygen 7.3m being no different. Once sheathed to its ideal mast the minimum setting displays an impressively bellied out main section that’s shaped for pure power and low end planing. Whack the […]

Windsurfing UK Kit Tests

(More than) a bag of tricks – Loftsails Airscape 4.8m 2018 freestyle windsurf sail test

Pics: James Jagger Attach the ‘freestyle’ moniker to a product and it can be an instant turn off for many. With a large proportion of sailors fitting the freeride mould thoughts of aerial contortionism and bendy man/woman shenanigans couldn’t be farther from recreational windsurfing realms. Yet the benefits freestyle tools offer actually suit everyman windsurfers more than you’d think: early […]

Windsurfing UK Kit Tests

Wave escapsim – Loftsails Wavescape 5m 2018 windsurfing sail review

Pics: James Jagger Loftsails’ Wavescape 5m is the first sail from Monty Spindler’s iconic windsurf sail brand we’ve used. Back in the day it was the brand’s popular Lip that seemed to be choice but these days the range has a refined and fresh aesthetic making the Wavescape visually appealing when on the water. Coming in striking blue and black […]

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Tarific windsurfing crashes from the Loftsails team in Spain

It’s comforting to know for the layman windsurfer that pros stack it just as much as we do. For every stomped move you see in vids/photos you can bet your bottom dollar there’ll be a myriad of stacks omitted from any final edits. For further proof of this check out the Loftsails team on location in Tarifa, Spain, to witness […]