Severne Mach 1 gets new pro windsurfing pilot: Matteo Iachino

Whether you’re a follower of pro windsurfing or not you can’t argue Severne’s 2018 Mach 1 slalom sail looks the biz. We’re sure we’l find out just how good it can be under the expert pilotage of pro windsurfer Matteo Iachino who joins Severne’s International Race Team for the 2018 season.

Matteo said: “I’m really happy to be joining the Severne team. It’s never easy to leave the old way for the new. But after I had the chance to try the new sails I felt convinced with their performance and see them being the next winning step forward. Having talked with Ben Severne for the first time I could feel he really wants to build the fastest sails and he really wants to work hard towards this goal. Having a whole team fully focused on developing something different to win is probably the best feeling you could have when you’re racing at a World Cup level. I’ve already been working with Gonzalo Costa Hoevel a lot during the board testing for starboard and I’m happy to start working with him on the sails as well. All of these factors together pushed me toward the decision of joining this team for the upcoming races. I’m confident we will have a special season ahead! “


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