Windsurfing UK Kit Tests

Easy hardcore – Severne Nano 93L 2019 windsurf board test

Words & pics: WSUK Having tested Severne’s Dyno 105 parallel concept freestyle wave board in 2018 it made sense to shift focus to the brand’s more hardcore parallel rail board: the Nano. In this instance the 93L version. As with the Dyno we doff our caps to Severne’s construction techniques which sees the Nano 93L being a robust and durable […]

Windsurfing UK Kit Tests

Redline freeride – Severne Fox 105 2018 freeride windsurf board test

Following on from WSUK’s review of the Dyno 105 this time round we’re spotlighting Severne’s sporty freeride model the Fox 105. Coming in blaring orange/red livery, ensuring it stands out on the beach/water, the Fox displays similar design traits you often see on slalom boards – a scooped out deck, outboard footstraps, hull cutouts in the tail and an overall […]

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Severne Mach 1 gets new pro windsurfing pilot: Matteo Iachino

Whether you’re a follower of pro windsurfing or not you can’t argue Severne’s 2018 Mach 1 slalom sail looks the biz. We’re sure we’l find out just how good it can be under the expert pilotage of pro windsurfer Matteo Iachino who joins Severne’s International Race Team for the 2018 season. Matteo said: “I’m really happy to be joining the Severne […]

Windsurfing UK Kit Tests

Long Standing Ambition – Windsurf Round Britain book review

Additional pics taken from Windsurf Round Europe Facebook page It always adds a different dimension reading the scribblings of someone you actually know personally. We had the good fortune of attending a Boards magazine test trip to El Tur, Egypt, back in the day when Windsurf Round Britain/Europe’s Jono Dunnett was part of the core test team (alongside his brother […]

Windsurfing UK Kit Tests

Feathery versatility – Severne NCX 8m 2017 freeride windsurf sail review

Billed as no cam freerace sails Severne’s NCX range continues to draw admirers from all corners. Looking unique and instantly identifiable the NCX 8m is a bold looking tool for making use of lighter winds. Although we used both colourways of the 2017 Severne NCX, this didn’t affect things as aesthetics are just that – performance is the same regardless. […]