Wave escapsim – Loftsails Wavescape 5m 2018 windsurfing sail review

Pics: James Jagger

Loftsails’ Wavescape 5m is the first sail from Monty Spindler’s iconic windsurf sail brand we’ve used. Back in the day it was the brand’s popular Lip that seemed to be choice but these days the range has a refined and fresh aesthetic making the Wavescape visually appealing when on the water. Coming in striking blue and black livery this four batten wave sale is compact and bombproof, ready to take on all that Mother Nature can throw at it.

Rigging is simple, the Wavescape sheathing to its recommended mast without issue. The foot has a full-length Velcro opening flap that helps no end. As with most four batten wave sails there’s not really need to over downhaul. A flatter profile will suffice to get you on the water and riding. As such the bottom end grunt of the Wavescape is tangible. There’s a lot of power driving you forward onto the plane ready to hit that first ramp as early as possible.

Even with all this power there’s a subtle handling trait to the Wavescape 5m. This is particularly welcome when nailing down moves. The Wavescape gives enough oomph to get you moving through those transitions with ease yet can become ‘invisible’ when riders need the power switching off – during backies, for instance, where forward momentum needs to be killed.

For anyone of a freestyle bent, and by this we mean those sliding tricks that have you travelling backwards, Loft’s Wavescape 5m accommodates, providing versatility which could see it being adopted by a wider audience rather than just out and out surf fans.

And what about the sail’s all-important wave handling ability? Just as with high altitude moves you can switch the power on and off pretty easily. Drive into a full rail bottom turn and there’s plenty of pull should you need it. Back off until needing some extra zoom and it reacts with rider input accordingly. For spray inducing turns it’s a particularly efficient sail that allows riders to push hard when the NOS is engaged.


Typically grunty and early planing Loftsail’s Wavescape 5m is a powerful engine that will have you up and riding in no time. Great for boosting high, with plenty of scope for new or old school moves, it’s definitely one jumpers will find favour with. On a wave it pulls sailors through turns and will suit aggressive riders wanting to eek every last bit of juice out of the wave – spray chuckers sign here. Manufactured to a high spec with distinct looks Loft’s WS 5m would be a worthy addition to any wave head’s quiver, particularly if you enjoy stomping moves.

Price: £569

Info: https://www.loftsails.com/windsurf-gear/sails/wavescape

Buy: https://4boards.co.uk/product/windsurf/windsurf-sails/loftsails-wavescape-2018/


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