That was winter; this is spring; summer’s coming. Getting your wind fix this season.

Wave sailing sucks! (Or the merits of alternative windsurfing kit). #4

Words: WSUK.

PicS: Oli Lane-Peirce, James Jagger, Dave Ludgate.

How was winter ’21/’22 for you? Did you score full power windsurf sessions or was it more hit and miss? For us here at Windsurfing UK HQ it was very much the latter on local shores.

There were brief spells of blowy weather (the kind that entice you into the water). But mostly – Storm Eunice aside – conditions were on the lighter side. That isn’t to say we haven’t been riding – we have. But we appreciate scoring hasn’t been easy.

Spring ’22 windsurfing.

Spring has now sprung and with it we’ve had a decent run of windsurfing weather. The recent weeks have seen planing conditions with sails around the 4.5m being used. And because of time of year it’s been warm. Whilst winter was fairly mild there’s no question higher double digit figures are more motivational.

Recent spring ’22 windsurf conditions at WSUK HQ.

At time of writing the Easter Bank Hols are in full swing. But unfortunately the breeze described above has gone on hiatus…

Spring freeriding.

Getting your wind fix.

We appreciate windsurfing isn’t all about planing conditions. In fact, we’ve always been keen to promo the light wind end of the sport. Unfortunately UK winter (no matter how mild) doesn’t inspire the majority. Now thermometer readings are rising it’s a different story…

Yes, we know it’s not for everyone but wing foiling certainly increases hit rates.

So what to do about nabbing time on the water during bouts of less breeze? Well, there’s plenty of opportunity if you open your mind.


Yep, even with less likelihood of scoring proper windsurfing conditions you can go windsurfing. It just might need to be done differently.

Modern longboard windsurf sleds can serve up some summer amusement.

For those who still want to ride attached to the water a bigger rig, bigger board and taking comfort in just getting afloat without planing are tools for your kit bix.

Sea breezes can often be found during summer. In fact, this is the majority of what we get wind wise at this time. Getting your fix in freeride windsurf mode is perfectly applicable. And don’t tell us it’s not fun blasting back and forth in the sun atop flat, warm(er) water.

Freeriding always delivers the win.

You may even go the whole hog and stump for something like a Windsurfer LT set up. More and more modern longboard windsurfing is pricking rider’s interests again. And it’s a great way to unlock the ‘journeying’ potential of windsurfing. Something that’s been a little forgotten.

Foiling – wind and wing

OK, we appreciate not everyone wants to foil. And in some ways covering wing foiling here is perhaps perceived as eclipsing the original point of focus (windsurfing). Yet there’s no doubt getting some fly above water action in your life will greatly increase your windy hit rate.

Windfoiling for the light wind win!

Windfoiling is also an option. In this instance you’ll already have the ‘engines’ and foundational skills. Getting a windfoil board, foil and utilising your existing windsurf skills isn’t too much of a leap.

Once through the initial learning phase you can take windfoiling where you deem fit. Racing, speed, performance freeride and even wave riding. It’s all doable.

And back to winging; this still might be the right option for you. With wings having a much broader wind range a one wing, one board and one foil solution is often a good choice.


Another way to make the most of this summer is getting on the SUP bandwagon. It’s no secret stand up has exploded in the few years. A SUP board with mast fitting gives riders opportunity to paddle when there’s zero breeze and enjoy some sail driven fun when it gets blowy.

WindSUP is always an option for some light wind summer fun.

WindSUPs are also brilliant fun in waves. Often able to deliver wave sailing fixes in the absence of proper wind.

All in there’re plenty of ways to get afloat this summer and make the most of it. With so much gear available, and ways to do the thing, it’d be a shame not to make use of these toys. And if you just can’t take it then book yourself a windsurfing holiday somewhere reliably windy. That way you’ll scratch the itch through windsurfing travel.

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