Windfoil Zone: launches worldwide windfoil directory – Romain Jourdan tells all

After many hours of frustration searching the web trying to find information about windfoiling Romain Jourdan decided to start, a website dedicated to foil windsurfing and partner of Windsurfing UK Magazine.

‘I was sick of looking through forums and many websites with only titbits and small pieces of information about windfoiling. I understood that there may be a need for a website gathering all windfoil information in one place that anyone searching fo windfoiling info can use. Windfoil Zone was born soon after’, says Romain.

Windfoil Zone features a buyer’s guide with descriptions of most windfoil brands, a blog with tutorials and interviews with industry professional and foil riders plus an online store where you can purchase windfoiling equipment. The latest add-on to the site is the Windfoil Directory.

‘Windfoiling is still a very young activity and it could be difficult to find places to rent a foil or learn how to windfoil. The directory is the perfect way to find windsurf clubs with windfoils near you. We believe that windsurf foiling should be an accessible sport, and Windfoil Zone’s directory is a great place to start!​

This will give you the possibility to experience the joy of flying above the water before eventually investing in foiling equipment yourself, which we know can be a barrier for many.

​The directory is relatively new, so keep checking back regularly for additional locations that will be popping up over the next months.

Do you have a windfoiling business? Let us know if you’d like our readers to learn more about your place by adding your business in the directory. It is free to register in the windfoil directory for the time being.’

Link to the Windfoil Directory:

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