Windsurfing done differently, with Henry Cartwright (videos).

Windsurfing done differently, with Henry Cartwright (videos).

Windsurfing can often appear to be all about waves and performance sailing in strong winds. Of course, for many, this rings true. But it doesn’t have to always be the case. As Henry Cartwright proves time and again.

Henry’s long distance windsurfing route from Hayling Island round the Isle of Wight.

Possibly considered quirky by many his long distance windsurfing exploits, and unusual ways of riding, have certainly grabbed our attention. We’ve already featured Henry in Windsurfing UK’s printed magazine. The chap’s gone on to do more different windsurfing. If that can be considered a thing.

Check out some of his videos below, including a seasonal Halloween edit, that offers a different take on what windsurfing can be. Big up Henry from Windsurfing UK. Loving your work! (Don’t forget to subscribe to his YouTube channel for further updates).

Check out more UK windsurfing rider profiles via the link below –

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