Windsurfing’s still fun (as if you needed that pointing out) – an article from NCW.

Pics: Oli Lane-Peirce, James Jagger.

Our friends over at North Coast Wetsuits recently published an article about how windsurfing’s still the maker of fun (with input from WSUK’s editor) – even with all the so called new school (modern, trendy) disciplines of wing foiling, windfoiling and still, to a degree, kitesurfing.

A forward loop a day keeps the doctor away.

For a good many windsurfing remains ‘the one’. And whilst we do indulge (and cover) some of these other aspects (guilty, sorry!) we also concur. There’s nothing better than hooking in, slipping feet into straps and blasting full pelt across the brine.

As the article starts off by saying: windsurf does have a rough ride sometimes. But it’s as fulfilling an activity as it ever was and judging by numbers on the water during a blow a large many think exactly the same.

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