X – F2 Xantos: classic freeride design from long time windsurfing brand

F2’s Xantos has appeared in a few different guises, yet it’s always been a board about easy freeride. Utilising an egg shaped design, with the majority of volume towards the rear of the board underfoot, it was aimed at the freeride market and described as an easy blaster with decent speed and user friendly.

Probably the most recognisable Xantos was when F2 put out a version with red and blue striped livery running down the board’s centre line. They partnered this with a red stripe version. Even to this day the Xantos survives within F2’s most up to date board range, although it’s a much different shape to that of old.

You can still find plenty of the older Xantos boards available to buy in used fashion from the usual places.


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  1. I have an old blue Xantos 310 which is 149 litres. It feels a lot smaller on the water. Works well with a 5.7 or anything bigger. I have sailed it with the 5.7 in 20 knots on the open sea and it is still manageable if you are experienced. I weigh around 80kg. I have used this board every summer since 2007. It planes early, gybes easily, and is fast for its size and weight.

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