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V – the vulcan: windsurfing’s first new school freestyle manoeuvre

Invented by the inimitable and colourful Maui based windsurfing legend Josh Stone the vulcan was the very first new school aerial freestyle move, and is the foundation for many of its follow on tricks, such as the spock. Essentially a vulcan is an upwind aerial with a mid-air sail transition. Landing backwards, switch stance, the rider then aims to slide […]

Windsurfing history encyclopedia

F – the forward loop: windsurfing’s most iconic and crowd pleasing manoeuvre

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a hardened pro or every day windsurfer the forward loop remains one of the most iconic and crowd pleasing moves you can pull. For anyone at their local going over the handle bars will earn you instant respect, mainly because all sailors appreciate the amount of will power needed to perform such a trick. Whilst […]

Windsurfing history encyclopedia

W – Weymouth, Dorset: the UK’s premier speed strip and event site

While other spots around the UK have gained popularity among speed sailors (West Kirby being one) it’s Dorset’s Weymouth that continues to attract large numbers of riders looking to test their mettle and go fast. The yearly Weymouth Speed Week, organised by Pete Davis, is held every autumn and sees a large turn out of enthusiasts, from near and far, […]

Windsurfing history encyclopedia

H – Ho’okipa, Maui, Hawaii: windsurfing’s wave sailing proving ground and Mecca

What can be said about the island of Maui and its windsurfing focal point, Ho’okipa, that’s not already been discussed? The epicentre and proving ground for any rider into wave sailing; the spot where each season brands descend en masse for company photo shoots; the spot where many a name has been forged as legend; a location that some sailors […]

Windsurfing history encyclopedia

B – Boards windsurfing magazine

Simply put: if there was no Boards windsurfing magazine there would be no Windsurfing UK. Laying the foundations of what a (mainly) UK focused windy mag should look like Boards took a slightly different approach to their presentation of the sport. For many years Bill Dawes edited the magazine and it was he at the helm when Boards started inviting […]

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Planet Windsurf Holidays’ top 10 windsurfing spots for beginners

If you’re thinking about learning to windsurf, then you probably imagine your future self tearing across the water in high winds, catching some huge air off a wave or even pulling off some audacious trick. And with a little determination you will get there. But as a beginner you have to start off in conditions that are a little less […]

Windsurfing UK Kit Tests

Progressive performer – Loftsails Oxygen 7.3m HD 2018 sail test

Pics: James Jagger Having used a number of Monty Spindler’s windsurf sail designs there’s a glaringly obvious trait running through all. Every design has two faces – the Oxygen 7.3m being no different. Once sheathed to its ideal mast the minimum setting displays an impressively bellied out main section that’s shaped for pure power and low end planing. Whack the […]

Windsurfing UK Kit Tests

Three of a kind – Mistral Quikslide 100L, 110L, 120L freeride windsurf board comparison test

Words: WSUK Pics: James Jagger, WSUK You’d be forgiven for thinking Mistral parked their involvement with windsurfing a while back. Yet the recognisable red dot brand has always remained, just bubbling under the surface these last few seasons. Towards the end of 2018 Mistral announced they were fully back in the game with introduction of their line of Quikslide freeride […]

Windsurfing history encyclopedia

P – Peter Chilvers: inventor of the windsurfer

Peter Chilvers is credited as being the godfather and inventor of the modern windsurfer as we know it. Pete created his sailboard in 1958 and used the waters surrounding Hayling Island, south coast, UK, as testing grounds for his invention. During the 1980s a lawsuit was filed against Chilvers/Tabur Marine by Windsurfing International who disputed Pete’s patent. The court eventually ruled in […]