Chatting with Chubbs – talking Flying Fish windsurfing instructor training with Adam Chubbock

Pics: PROtography

There’s a lot of talk at the moment about working in windsurfing and the watersports industry at large (see our interview with Neilson’s Head of People Iain Stevenson-Wood for another angle). Continuing this theme, with the aim of bringing more info about working in the industry to the fore, Windsurfing UK’s editor Tez caught up Flying Fish’s Overseas Operations Manager Adam Chubbock, AKA Chubsy. Here the pair talk all things Flying Fish, instructor training, watersports, windsurfing, Vass, SUP, lifestyle choices and general life skills.

It’s an in depth vid but there are some great points covered. Turn it up if you’re thinking about getting involved. Then head across to or  for more info about training to be a watersports instructor with Flying Fish.

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