Jellyfish found at UK beaches - the most common.
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Jellyfish found at UK beaches – the most common types.

Jellyfish blooms can drift into UK waters at any time of year. You often find them washed up on beaches after heavy storms or big swell. Trotting along the beach it’s not uncommon to discover that flat, round gelatinous member of the subphylum Medusozoa family dolloped unceremoniously on the sand! By all accounts, foxes love to snack on washed up […]

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Mistral International partner with ZyroFisher distribution for windsurfing and watersports in the UK & Ireland.

Pics: James Jagger Windsurfing UK have worked with Mistral International for a number of seasons now so it’s great to see the brand partnering with Yorkshire based ZyroFisher for an exclusive windsurfing and watersports equipment distribution deal in the UK & Ireland. Full press release below. ‘North East based distributor ZyroFisher are excited to announce a partnership with the Mistral […]

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Chatting with Chubbs – talking Flying Fish windsurfing instructor training with Adam Chubbock

Pics: PROtography There’s a lot of talk at the moment about working in windsurfing and the watersports industry at large (see our interview with Neilson’s Head of People Iain Stevenson-Wood for another angle). Continuing this theme, with the aim of bringing more info about working in the industry to the fore, Windsurfing UK’s editor Tez caught up Flying Fish’s Overseas […]