Jellyfish found at UK beaches – the most common types.

Jellyfish found at UK beaches - the most common.

Jellyfish blooms can drift into UK waters at any time of year. You often find them washed up on beaches after heavy storms or big swell. Trotting along the beach it’s not uncommon to discover that flat, round gelatinous member of the subphylum Medusozoa family dolloped unceremoniously on the sand!

By all accounts, foxes love to snack on washed up jellies but it’s the ones found floating in the shallows, or just offshore, that put the willies up windsurfers and other watersports peeps.

Big winds for windsurfing can often wash jellyfish up on UK shores.

Being stung by a jellyfish can be painful, for sure, and in some cases lead to other more serious consequences. Mostly though they’re just an annoyance.

During the latter part of 2021, with much calmer than usual autumnal weather conditions, jellyfish have been spotted in abundance. We’ve heard many a windsurfer asking questions about the different types. This article, from our friends at North Coast Wetsuits, sheds some light on the different jellyfish species we most commonly found in UK waters. It also talks a little about what to do should you be stung by one. If you want to find out more then hit the following link –

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