Redline freeride – Severne Fox 105 2018 freeride windsurf board test

Following on from WSUK’s review of the Dyno 105 this time round we’re spotlighting Severne’s sporty freeride model the Fox 105. Coming in blaring orange/red livery, ensuring it stands out on the beach/water, the Fox displays similar design traits you often see on slalom boards – a scooped out deck, outboard footstraps, hull cutouts in the tail and an overall impression that this machine is one for the speed heads.

First run out and we coupled Severne’s Fox 105 with a 6m in around 22+ knots. With the brand suggesting the board laps up chop and flotsam, as if it’s not there, these were ideal conditions for checking that element out. And we can confirm it is indeed the case…

Pedal to the mettle from the off the 105 revs up straight away with a feeling you’ve been shot out of a starting gun. Riding very much off the hind quarter of the board it’s a silky smooth experience as it blatts across the water. The hull contours do an admirable job of smoothing out the ride, leaving riders free to focus on the ahead and where that next full power gybe should be placed.

The Fox encourages an aggressive speed orientated stance. On a few occasions, however, we over egged the pudding when pushing against the fin resulting in loss of grip. We found switching up the fin size was therefore best if planning a fully powered up (to overpowered) session. For general back and forths, however, the powerbox 36cm fin is fine.

Round corners and the Fox grips like stink, rails biting effectively. Riders can either bang in a tight turn or arc things out with more progressive edging. In both instances it’s fairly simple (with technique) to complete fast exits that’ll have your mates playing catch up all day long.

The Fox is a freeride/freerace machine through and through, of that there’s no question. That said it still likes a bit of air time with full chat boosts being particularly rewarding – even from only small ramps. Its light construction helps when sailors fancy skying it although those longer style jumps is where the Fox really shines.


Super fast, to the point of offering de-tuned slalom esque performance, Severne’s Fox 105 literally flies across the water riding very much off the fin. Whack a bigger sail on for ultimate white knuckle rides, being more sensitive with back foot pressure in this mode, or simply use as a powered up sporty freeride toy – the choice is yours. If you’re looking for a zoomy straight line stick to make use of flatter water days then Severne’s Fox 105 could tick the box. But don’t discount bumpy waters either as the silky smooth ride really takes that jarring feeling out of choppy blasting.

Price: £1849


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