W – Weymouth, Dorset: the UK’s premier speed strip and event site

While other spots around the UK have gained popularity among speed sailors (West Kirby being one) it’s Dorset’s Weymouth that continues to attract large numbers of riders looking to test their mettle and go fast. The yearly Weymouth Speed Week, organised by Pete Davis, is held every autumn and sees a large turn out of enthusiasts, from near and far, all vying for the title. And the craft in question isn’t limited to just windsurfing.

German Jurgen Honscheid showed just what could be done along the Weymouth speed run in 1981. Then during 1983 Fred Haywood lit up the Weymouth speed strip and solidified its reputation after breaking the 30 knot barrier during the Weymouth Speed Trials. He used a custom NeilPryde sail and wing shaped mast and was also using the first seat harness – or at least he was the first sailor recorded using one.

Pic: Pete Davis


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