Keith Atkinson: windsurfing fitness, with Fitsix active clothing – single arm pulldown

– Authored by Keith Atkinson

British Windsurfing Champion and experienced Personal Fitness Trainer Keith Atkinson shows us how to perform a range of gym exercises safely and effectively.  In part three of the fitness series, ‘The Single Arm Pulldown’ is featured. A variation of the previous back exercise, another great one for the Lats (Latissimus Dorsi), however a focus on one-arm at a time. 

Of course you’ll need to select a lighter weight than if you were performing the Lat Pulldown (performed with both arms holding the same bar). This time you work each arm individually which is a real benefit and will make you aware if you have an imbalance in the body, ie one side stronger than the other. So, by working one arm at a time, you’ll get to see whether you have a weaker side, and the chance to correct it will have the opportunity to build up and match the ‘better’ side. 

How does this benefit you as a windsurfer? Well, in terms of functionality imagine when you crank round a sweet carve gybe and you pull in that back hand, the lat muscles are amongst the primary workers for this move! Strong lats = easier to sheet in hard and crank that turn! The more power you put into the gybe, the more likely you are to come out the other side on the plane!

Technique variation: Once you’ve become familiar with the exercise and your technique is dialled … (always seek a professional in the gym to check if in doubt), try a 1 second down and 2 seconds up tempo. So you go for a slightly more aggressive approach to the downward phase (the hard part) and a nice controlled phase on the way up.

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