Keith Atkinson: windsurfing fitness, with Fitsix active clothing – the standing chest press

– Authored by Keith Atkinson

Windsurfing UK is super stoked to announce a brand new online series featuring former Formula World Tour podium chaser and current UK slalom warrior Keith Atkinson.

Keith, born in Kent UK, saw his early years spent watching his father windsurfing. Once he was strong enough to hold a sail (6yrs) his father, David, taught him the beginnings of a successful career in the sport of windsurfing. He started with club racing at Bewl Valley, progressing quickly into South East and LWA regional events at 13 years old and at 14 he started entering some national competitions. At 15 he competed in his first full season at national level in raceboard, at 16 progressed to international level and by 17 had entered his first European Championship. He has won numerous awards including BBC Sports Personality of the Year (category), in addition he has been invited to meet and dine with the Queen and Prince Philip at the Queens Golden Jubilee.
Keith Atkinson windsurfing fitness in association with Fitsix Active Clothing

Taking a closer look at fitness, as it’s an important aspect to focus on if you want to improve your windsurfing performance, and of course important in life generally. Out on the water, whether you’re a fair weather windsurfer who occasionally likes a good blast, an amateur or even a pro, it’s crucial to prepare your body, to be fitter, stronger and healthier which will aid performance and prevent injury in the future. Windsurfing is hugely demanding on the body, and literally every muscle is working in one way or another while you’re out on the water.

So, to start a series on fitness, 12x British Windsurfing Champion and experienced personal fitness trainer, Keith Atkinson shows us how to perform a range of gym exercises safely and effectively.

The first exercise in the series: the standing chest press. You may think that by having a strong back is key to being a good windsurfer, and being able to sheet in by having good pulling power, whilst having a strong back is of course very helpful. You need to balance the body and also work the chest. If you don’t this can cause postural alignment problems over time, and down the line the body won’t be balanced. You’re therefore wide open to potential injury. To avoid this simply work on all muscle groups equally.

Keith is sponsored by; Goya Boards, North Sails, ION wetsuits, F-Hot Fins, Marlow Ropes, Clamcleat UK.

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