Keith Atkinson: windsurfing fitness – bent over bar bell row

Words: Keith Atkinson

Pic: Andy Stallman

In part nine of this series we look at a very relevant exercise for windsurfing: the ‘Bent-Over Barbell Row’. It’s a great exercise to target one of the main muscle groups you will need for sheeting in during a gybe, holding the sail sheeted in overpowered, even uphauling! The vital part of this exercise is that you must engage your core to keep the pressure off your lower back, reducing the risk of injury. This is good because if you train your body to activate those muscles, then when you come onto performing on the water, you should be physically ready for the stresses that the sport demands of your body. 

As always, be sure to build this into your gym program with other exercises for a balanced body. Having a functional body is key, that means being able to push and pull in many directions with strength and most importantly, stability! Whilst Windsurfing, there’s a lot of pressures in different directions. 


Don’t forget that you will need to get the right nutrition in your body for better gain in performance and benefit from your time spent exercising. You need the right fuel to help you with energy during exercising and then again after to both grow and increase in strength. Don’t let the gains you make during exercise go to waste by not consuming the right fuels. Remember it’s 80% Nutrition, 20% Exercise.

I personally only use the specific products for my nutrition to help me get the edge, you definitely should too!
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Authored by Keith Atkinson.

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