Keith Atkinson: windsurfing fitness, with Fitsix active clothing – straight arm pull down

Words: Keith Atkinson

Pic: Andy Stallman

In part eight of this series we pay another visit to the muscle group called ‘Lats’ for short. This time, an isolation move which essentially means, working the specific muscle group without utilising other muscles to help the movement. Here we have the straight-arm pulldown, it’s a great exercise to target one of the main muscles you will need to sheet in that sail! Be sure to build this into your gym program with other exercises for a balanced body. Having a functional body is key, that means being able to push and pull in many directions with strength and most importantly, stability! Whilst Windsurfing, there’s a lot of pressures in different directions. You may think by replicating the windsurfing movement patterns for sport specific exercise is great, which it is, but you also need to be strong in the other planes of movement too. Exercising in just one movement pattern is on it’s own is not enough. Check out the video for the how-to on performing this great exercise for stronger Lats.

Don’t forget, that pre training, during training and of course post training, you will need to get the right nutrition in your body so that the muscles will benefit. You need the fuel  to help you with energy during exercising and then again after to both grow and increase in strength. Don’t let the gains you make during exercise go to waste by not consuming the right fuels. 80% Nutrition, 20% Exercise.

I personally only use the specific products for my nutrition to help me get the edge, you definitely should too!
– Pre and During Workouts: I Use ‘CR7 Drive’ hypotonic drink for advanced hydration and endurance (click here)
– After Resistance-based Workouts: I use ‘Rebuild Strength’ which is a High Protein Recovery drink to help my muscle strength increase (click here)
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I’ll be covering more on nutrition in features coming soon, keep an eye out for those!

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Authored by Keith Atkinson.

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